Friday, December 31, 2010


Can you believe it? In just a few hours, it shall be the new year. 0_o A new beginning.

Wow. It feels like just yesterday it was turning to the year 2010, and now we're in 2011.

I don't have much to say, 'cept I've been busy with my Bamboo Fun Pen and Touch. ^_^ It's like a drawing tablet and I loveeeeee it!!

;D Well, I hope you all enjoy your new year, and I'll post again in the new year. :)

Friday, December 10, 2010

Done and a New Start

Nevermind. It's open now. xP

Shadan Sokudo means- Breaking Speed in Japanese!!! :D Yep yep.

So. What does everyone think of it? I LOVEEEEEEEEEE THE HEADER!!! Aladdin is in it. <3


Now, the subject of today is- Romeo and Juliet.

Yes. Why may you ask am I typing about Romeo and Juliet? Well read on and find out.

Next week, my teacher said we were going to watch two movies-

Romeo and Juliet and West---something, something.

The West---something is based on Romeo and Juliet, and we are supposed to compare them. Pain.

I must also admit I have never seen Romeo and Juliet... 0_o Craziiinesss.

Also, now some random writing I shall make up on the spot--

I had that feeling. You know, that feeling. That feeling where you think you are being watched, though no one's around. That's what I felt like right now. My skin burned, and I spun around numerous times, searching the forest where I stood for eyes. Of course, I didn't find any. But I knew that they were there. I knew, because I was watched every day. Every day for signs of disobedience. I cringed and covered my ears. They were there! Always there! I could feel them in my head! I lifted my head and screamed to the sky.

"Get out!!"

I dropped to the ground and rolled into a ball. Would anyone ever find me? I had been out in this same forest forever. For eternity. I knew it was eternity, because I counted the seasons as they changed. I had some how fallen into this dimension, and now I couldn't get out. If I tried, they would punish me. The punishment was horrific. Images. Images of terror and horror. Images of my old life. Hallucinations were set in my mind. Hallucinations of where I had escaped. I got so joyous each time, though in the back of my mind I had felt a probing, and I knew it was fake. When they disappeared, I fell to the ground sobbing. They would also usually make horrific mystical terrors of mine come to this forest. Each terror still haunted me, terrorized my head. Even today, after an eternity.

I looked to the sky and saw them. They were always there. Always watching. They had gray, wrinkled faces, with black eyes like a black hole. If I stared at them long enough, I would faint. They made me faint, I knew it. But... did I? Or is everything I know, from them?


Haha. Weird, but hope ya like it!

Fixing Up

WOAH shall be closed for most likely just the weekend! I am fixing it up and renaming it. The new name shall be revealed when it is re-opened. I'm going to fix up the sidebars too, to make it look better! But here is a sneak peak of the title-
Shadan Sokudo
That's the name in a different language. ;P When I re-open WOAH I'll tell you what language as it is on the header. I love it. <3 Just made the header, and working on the button and background. So be ready!!