Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Hey, long time, eh? I feel like rambling. So I'm gonna ramble.

Nothing much has been happening since school started. My classes are great, and I made some new friends after I was switched from 4th to 3rd lunch. We've been playing cards lately during lunch. Soo fun.

Currently we are working on our final English Project. My topic is Norse Mythology. I love the topic, and we don't present until the new year! I'm going to try and finish my bristle boards over the holidays. So that will be fun.

Other than that, not much as happened. Exams are at the end of January, so I get a week off there. Then it's the new semester!

I'm in a terrible art block currently. When I try to draw, I jsut lose the motivation and inspiration. I hope it comes back soon. I wanted to draw a Christmas picture! Here's a picture I drew a week or so ago.

It's my character, Midnight. Drawn to the song "Change Your Mind" by Boyce Avenue