Tuesday, December 29, 2009


I have only one award! It is awarded to....

 I award this award to...

Glow Fish


Take it or leave it! *smiles*

Monday, December 28, 2009


Where I live there is a "cold warning". Our temperatures have suddenly dropped, and we are getting SNOW! I'm so happy! I went outside today to get some lovely pictures, but soon had to come back in. I had an umbrella, yes an umbrella, with me. Cause I just got a new camera and I want to be very careful with it... I didn't want it to get wet...hehehe...ya...It barely got wet so my umbrella worked! And I got some awesome pictures of December's snow! I'll put all pictures on here as soon as possible, well as soon as I learn how to get the pictures on. *rolls eyes* The instruction manual for this camera is VERY long. About   "....." that thick! Those little dots symbolize how thick it is.... with 178 pages and tiny writing. *sigh* I have a lot of learning to do! A lot of boring learning. I would like to learn how to do it all my self, but that's a little hard. Oh well. What can I do? Nothing I guess!

Try your best! If you still can't do it, look for help! You may be able to find something right around the corner!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Teen Girl's Daybook-Week 11

Date...December 27
Starting time...4:58PM Eastern Time
Outside my window...it's snowing!!!! Covering EVERYTHING! YAY!
I'm thinking...of getting some great winter shots with my new camera!
I'm reading...Kazan
I'm listening to...my fingers type away!!
I'm wearing...long johns with a top for horse-riding
Yesterday, I...had fun with my Christmas Gifts!
I'm excited for...Nothing!!
I'm sad because...school is starting in a week!!
I'm hungry for...nothing!
The song stuck inside my head is... Wild Horses-Natasha bedingfield.
I want...whiteness!!
I love...my new clock!!
I loathe...no snow on Christmas like we didn't have!!
This week, my goal is...to finish Miranda's present!!
Did I meet last week's goal?...YES!!
Ending time...5:01PM Eastern Time

Yes. We did NOT have a white Christmas. It actually RAINED instead! I was pretty mad! I still don't know how to get pictures of my new camera....When I find out I shall show you all all of my gifts1 =D

Friday, December 25, 2009

My Christmas!

My Christmas was WONDERFUL! I have pictures of ALL the gifts I have gotten! I really don't remember who a lot of them were from...But I thanked EVERYONE!

Stocking Items:

A hair thing....
50 bucks!
Pocket Calendar


-Numerous clothes
-A mug with numerous pictures of the horse I ride on it(Aladdin!). I LOVE it!
-A poster of Aladdin...LOVE it! We have to get it laminated then on a hard board still!
-LOTS of books! ALL about horses! There are still some books my parents have to pick up! =O
-A full-sized horse calendar for my wall!
-Two book gift cars! $50 dollars each! That's $100 in books!
-This little horse statue thing!
-A scrapbook set!
-A new clock!
-This little fairy book. Pretty cute!
-Nail polish design stuff!
-A massage machine thing!
-A DS game
-A horse magizine
-A BIG horse book about "The Lats of the Wild Horses"! BEAUTIFUL pictures!
-Two stuffed horses and some other animals!
-A horse necklace

Now! Drum-roll for my two most favourite gifts(even though I LOVE every gift I got!)-

-This HAND-MADE original clock my dad MADE! it goes on the wall, and best of all....it is made out of wood....AND has a HORSE on it! He MADE it all! (except the wood)

Now! This gift is absolutely SURPRISING!

-A NEW AWESOME CAMERA! I was SO not expecting THAT! It is SOOOOOO awesome! I LOVE it! 

I have pictures of EVERYTHING! ON my NEW camera! I took a picture of the box of the camera, so you could all see it! I have exhausted it's battery ALREADY! I have used it a lot and have been carrying it around everywhere! I think I may have more, but I got WAY more then I had expected, so if I find something else I got, I shall tell you!!

Thursday, December 24, 2009


I know, I know. I said I wouldn't post! BUT this is IMPORTANT! It is Christmas Eve! YAY YAY YAY! I can't believe it! It's finally here! Tomorrow, my stockings will be full, present wrappings will be scattered across the floor, and I will be very happy! I hope my whole family will be too! But there is ONE bad thing about tomorrow....


I do not like this! We are waiting for her to come home before having our Christmas Dinner! YAY!


Yesterday, my friends went home. They(Miranda, Sophia, Brittany) slept over from Tuesday to Wednesday for our CHRISTMAS PARTY EXTRAVAGANZA!!! It was so much fun! My dad had set up the tent for us in the basement! So we slept in the tent. So fun.

But before that, I went to sit down on the arm rest of our old couch in the basement. All my friends were there. But I soon jumped up because something POKED me! I looked to where I was sitting to see this BUG! I sort of screamed...and my dad came over and killed it. But GUESS what he said it was!


A hornet was in MY house! I SAT on it! It STUNG me! My dad said that that was the latest time of year he had EVER seen someone stung! DECEMBER 22! So, after a minute or two, it started to REALLY hurt. At that time my friends still didn't know I was stung. So I went to my mom, and told her what had happened. By now it really, really hurt! I actually started crying...hehehe....that's how much it hurt! I have not been stung since I was like....4!!! But then I was stung....so my dad got some AFTER BITE!! Oh, how I LOVE After Bite! I put the After Bite on, and almost right away, it STOPPED hurting! YAY!

So now all I have as proof of my sting, is a little red dot. =D Of course the stinger didn't stick in! Isn't that crazy? I was stung at the end of December! LOL!

We also stayed up until 6:00 in the morning! It was really fun! My dad also made sure there were no more hornets, so we slept peacefully that night!


Sunday, December 20, 2009

Teen Girl's Daybook-Week 10

Date...December 20
Starting time...8:10PM Eastern Time
Outside my window...quiet....
I'm thinking...of a white CHristmas which we might not get!
I'm reading...Nothing
I'm listening to...My computer hum!
I'm wearing...long johns with a top for horse-riding
Yesterday, I...relaxed
I'm excited for...CHRISTMAS!
I'm sad because...we might not have a white Christmas!
I'm hungry for...nothing!
The song stuck inside my head is... Wild Horses-Natasha bedingfield.
I want...snow!
I love...White Christmas's!
I loathe...not White Christmas's!
This week, my goal is...to finish and buy the rest of Christmas Presents!
Did I meet last week's goal?...YEPPERS!
Ending time...8:12PM Eastern Time

*Sigh* I am going to be taking  break. Well...not really. But I won't be posting for the week of Christmas! I will only post IF something big comes up! I will also post about Christmas, the day after Christmas! LOL! I WOULD post on Christmas....but I'm not cause no one will be on! Kidding! I am taking a break though. So don't expect many posts this week! Though, AFTER Christmas I will be posting A LOT!!!! Have fun with your week!

Also, an example of what I would ONLY post about!

If it snows and STAYS! If something bad happens.... If something that will ruin my Christmas happens!

That's all I have! So bye until after Christmas!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Lots and Lots of Pictures from Every Different Section!

I have some winter pictures form our first snow of December, about two weeks ago, and from putting up the tree, this last week! Also my fish and and pictures from Diversity Camp! Lots of other stuff too! Too many different pictures from different times to even count!

::Diversity Camp::

This is on the bus TO Diversity camp. I blurred out a few things....in the background are Sophia and Brittany!

Here is Miranda with her mouth open looking like she is eating Brittany!

Here is a picture of a leaf on the sewer, while we were waiting for the bus to fianlly go so we could go to camp!

Here is a picture a few minutes after we left to go to camp!

Passing houses on the way there!

I know for SURE this is on the way back! ONLY on the way back did I get pictures of ponds and stuff!

Now. RIGHT here is where this one AWESOME picture SHOULD be! BUT I forgot to blur some things out that could give away where I live! So I will get it up as soon as possible!

Here is me looking out the window! Miranda took the picture! =D

AT Diversity camp! I forget if we were coming or leaving....But I am guessing leaving...that is a pond there! In the background is the barn with meat cattle and meat rabbits and BIG draft horses!

Here are three stones that were there! I thought it looked good, so when we got off the bus I took the picture!

Here is the cabin we slept in! I took it quickly as we were bringing our bags out!

Here is the name of the cabin! It is a little off balanced, because I had to HURRY!

(I have a lot of pictures....so this will take a while!)

Here is a side view of our cabin!

Here is a horse I quickly took a picture of on the bus! I had to zoom in fully, then quickly snap it in between people's heads! But it was perfect cause I got it right before we turned away! Miranda said I wouldn't get it...That was on our way OUT

Here is a pond I got a picture from on our way home.*sniff* I wish we could have stayed another night!


 A random building I took while waiting to board the bus to go home! Same with the one above!


Dining Hall. The place where we ate! Other wise known as the "Molly Henderson"!! I took this while waiting to leave!

Random building. I forget what it was...maybe the dining hall...but on our way out!

This was on the bus pulling out! We saw this "man" the night before at out night hike, and I thought it was cool!

A light there...waiting to leave...

Some blurry bushes.... on the way out? Or in?

A pond I had to quickly snap a picture of! I got it pretty good! Miranda got more trees!

Another building and field I took while waiting to leave!


The pond with lots of swans in it! I was able to get some pictures before we left the camp!

The entrance to the place, I missed the sign with the name though!


Some fields that I got on our way home!

Another field! WEEEE!

My science teacher is the one standing up! This was at out school after camp!

That's all the Diversity Camp pictures! Well, I HAD others, but some of them gave away stuff...

::Horse-Back Riding::

A little field we ride in.

The hill up to the other pasture of horses!

Aladdin's eye!

Aladdin's nose!

Through Aladdin's ears!

Aladdin's ears!

Aladdin walking!

Through Aladdin's ears again!

Over his head!

More walking!

My instructors new puppy! ONLY six months old! SOOOO cute! His name is Max! He was already named so...

Here is Max walking!

Zanzibar! He made a run for it! Another horse, Willy, seemed to have taught him how to open his stall!

I REALLY like this one! His rider sort of spooked him, so he ran up the hill a but and...well he just looked cool! Just if you're wondering...he IS a mustang.

That's all I have from that section!

::First December Snow::

Our outside table blanketed with snow!

Still the table!

Can you guess what this is? The hood of my dad's car! I GUESS this could be in "horse-back riding" because I took it before getting in the car to GO. But oh well! I edited it a bit!

A bush in our backyard!

Do you think that big white spot is the moon? NOPE! it's a snowflake!

More snowflakes falling!


The the branches of our tree! Same as the ones before!



A rabbit decoration we have in our backyard. It looked cool with the snow!

The bare branches in another of our trees!

Looking through a hole!


Going to horse-back riding. But not yet there! A rainy window day!

Some cookies we were making!


My dad decorating the place while I took a few pictures!

Our lights outside!

More pics of my dad!

The angel on the top of our tree!


Some tinsel.

Box of decorations!

An ornament on our fake tree in our front window!

Lights on the fake tree!

A light up sparkly snowman by our fireplace!

Another snowman by our fireplace!

The head of the reindeer outside!

The star of a tree outside.

The WHOLE reindeer outside!

Close up of the tinsel!

Our un-finished Christmas Tree from an ants view!(I was lying down on the floor!)


Some lights on our REAL tree!

Our tree! FINISHED!

That's all for that! Now just other pictures!


That was VERY good! It's a hazelnut hedgehog! I took a LOT of pictures to get the details!


I didn't put all on here though...

This stone with a horse on it!

A lucky cat I have! Behind it is my lucky stone!

This is a small light I have! I was bored so I just took pictures of anything!

SOME of you may remember there little guys! HAMTARO!!!! I was in LOVE with these! I watched the show...got the toys...but not all of them!

NOW!!!!!! The last category!!

::My Fish, Ember::





I know they aren't the best quality, but it is hard to get pictures of a fish, who keeps freaking out at the camera!!