Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Last Day

I woke up today, at 7:30AM Eastern Time, tired and weary. My feet and legs were sore, but I got up anyways, said good-bye to my dad as he went to work, and got dressed for school. I then turned on the computer, and went on while I ate my cereal.

Then, it was 8:10AM. I turned the computer off, and went downstairs to flat iron my hair(very sloppily at that. ;) ) Then, I brushed my teeth. I still had about 15 minutes 'till I had to walk to school(It was about 8:20, and I leave to walk at 8:45), so I lay on the couch in my living room. The sun was shining through the window, and it felt nice. My cat, Asia, and dog, Daisy agreed. Then, all too son I had to put on my shoes, and head out the door. I had to face the fact that it was my last day at school.

Soon, I walk into the playground, and hang around with a few people. The bell rings, we line up, and head into our last day of school...

I had brought my binder and pencil case, because I had not wanted to face the fact that it was my last day. I leave it in my bag though, as I put my bag away, and go into the classroom. I grab three chairs from the stack; one for myself, one for Jordan, and one for Bart. Since November, Bart, Cameron, Mackenzie and me have been sitting at the same table. The four of us, then Cameron moved to a different table, and Jordan replaced him. That was in March or February. So anyways, we had been a table for a long time. I was usually the first one into the classroom, so I got my table the good high chairs. But then soon, two people from another table joined our group, Kyle and Daniel. I never got them chairs. Now, our group had over 10 people. But I still only got chairs for us four...; then, I sit down and wait. Soon, Danial and Bart walk in. I smile at Bart, knowing it was my last day.

He sits down, and me Daniel and Bart just... talk. I remind myself what it old myself in the morning; that when I get home, I would cry...; I try to cherish every moment of being with him. In my class also. Then, we have to go down for our last assembly.

I sit down on the cold floor, my legs had goosebumps. It was quite long. There was a short literature, then there were many good-byes to a Gr. 1 teacher who was retiring. She had been at the school for 17 years. Every grade did something for her. Then, at the end, she said a thank-you, and a few people behind me had tears in their eyes. I wasn't in her class, so I never really knew her. It was also our Principals last day, and he said that many staff were leaving. As he said good-bye to the staff that were leaving, he called out Ms. Thomas.... the best EA ever. She acts like a 13 year old girl, and she is the best. Knowing that she was leaving, though she was only here for a year, was horrible to know. Tears came to my eyes then. Soon, the assembly was over, and we went out for our last recess.

We just talked. Recess was then over, and we lined up, and went in. As we sat at our desks, or stood around the classroom, we just talked. Some people pulled out some games like Checkers, Orthello and Chess. I watched My teacher and Bart play chess. Mr. Mancini, my teacher, was winning, though Bart was doing good too. A few people from the other class were in our classroom. Their teacher, my science teacher, came in to get them. He wanted to say one last prayer with his class.

It was then 11:40AM, 5 minutes before school ended. It was a half day. Mr Mancini got our class together also, and we said our last prayer, Hail Mary. I try not to think that, in one minute, the bell would ring. But that thought came to my mind. I hold back tears, and sit down again. Mr Mancini and Bart continue playing, and then the bell goes. I get my bag, say good-bye to my locker, then go back in the class. I watch Mr. Mancini and Bart play a bit, but they didn't finish. I said good-bye to my teacher, and walked out behind Adam and Bart, talking to them. Bart then goes into the gym to say he won't be taking the bus. I walk out of the school, by myself, wondering if I would see Bart again. Then,I look behind me, and he is walking down the hall. I smile to myself, and open the front doors, slightly holding it open for him. he says "thanks" faintly, and walks to his friends. I look behind me several times before I turn the corner, trying to remember his voice and face. I sigh, and walk out of sight.

As I walk home, I think over my day. My heart feels empty, and that's what I was thinking. Soon enough I was home. I unlock the door, and walk in. I remember how I told myself I would most likely cry when I got home. And that happened. As I walked in, tears sprung to my eyes, and I walk slowly upstairs to the computer. I turn it on, and open up a New Post. Then, I started to write out my last day at school. Once and a while, warm tears run down my face, but not that much.

As I write this, it is 12:56, tears once more well up, and I try to concentrate, but that only makes it worse. The realization is dawning on me. That was my last day. That was truly my last day. I look away from the screen, then continue typing. I hate this. I am sad, empty. I try to find happiness, but I can't. School is over. That's the truth. There's no going back now. But as I think about it, I wish there was a way to go back. To make it last longer.... I press "Publish" at 12:58. Wishing there was a way.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

June 30th...

June 30th. The horrid, and excitable, day to me. Horrid, because it is my last day of Grade 7. Last day with my teacher. Last day with my new friends. Last day with my well, crush. *blushes* The last day of everything. It's gone to fast. I don't want it to end. I won't have any contact with my new friends, my crush * blushes again* for two and a bit months. :'( He doesn't have MSN either, so there goes that hope. *sigh* why does it have to end!?

Excitable because, summer vacation stars! No school for two and a bit months. No work.

That's all I could think. Which one do you think I find more? Horrid, or excitable? I would say horrid, longer list. :'(

That's right, I don't want school to end, I do, but just for the break, but I more or less don't. Longer weekends would be nice though.... Then, it's the dreaded Grade 8... harder work. I hate moving up for that reason. *sigh* Well... last year, I absolutely freaked out with anger that we were going back.... As you can see in this post here.... but now, my only hope is that I'm in the same class with, well my crush *blushes, once again* Yes, for more then half of Grade 7, I was sitting either at the same table, or beside my crush.... it was great. And now, that is coming to an end. I'm gonna get my whole table's MSN, so it won't seem odd I'm getting only his... well. I'll miss school, I really will. Just not the work. ;)

Saturday, June 26, 2010


I feel empty. Really empty. I try my hardest. I feel like I don't know my own life. My own thoughts. I'm empty, because school is ending June 30th, and it breaks my heart. I won't have my friends. I won't smile as often as, my smiles will be at school, where I smile the most, all cause of one person. One, single person. The person who brightens my world... Who I know would make me smile, no matter how down I am.

*sighs* Yes, you could say I'm [love]struck. *rolls eyes* Have you ever felt so empty, when you feel like there's no hope? Like, you want to keep going, but you know it ends? Life sometimes presents emptiness. But sometimes, you gotta see the colour in it.

(I did not take the picture with the water.)

Thursday, June 24, 2010


Okay well, Laney at Got Freckles is hosting a wonderful give away with an awesome prize! Now just look at this-

It has 18 different clay and fabric items! I soo want it! So go and enter here!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Okay, so last Christmas, I got a Nikon Coolpix P90. I love it to death compared to my old one! But I have around $800, and am looking for a new camera, *already*. But don't worry, I am only LOOKING! I am not going to buy one for maybe another year, year and a half, two years. Depends on how much money I get! For my birthday, I got around $200, so if I wait a few more birthdays, i would have even more money, and could buy a more expensive camera.

Now, I have seen a few recommondations for the Nikon D3000. Like from Bekah, that's one I may get, but then I saw the Nikon D5000. It looks really good too. And I was looking up prices for the D5000, and it said $700 at Henry's, a good camera store. Does anyone have these cameras, or other good ones? What do you recommend and what do you think is better? You can also recommend a camera I haven't mentioned here. All ideas will be appreciated!

Friday, June 11, 2010


Melodies are life.

Life's a melody.

So dawn goes down to day.
Nothing gold can stay.

(ALSO! Olive Tree is holding a contest on HorseFeathers! You get to win a full blog makeover, and installation! So, head on over and enter! She wants to get 100 FOLLOWERS by the end of the week, so remember to follow! I am not entering, because I like how all my blogs look, but good luck to you all!)

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Stay Gold...

Nature's first green is gold
Her hardest hue to hold.
Her early leaf's a flower;
But only so an hour.
Then leaf subsides to leaf.
So Eden sank to grief,
So dawn goes down to day.
Nothing gold can stay.

I first saw this poem in The Outsiders, one of the best books I have ever read. It's by Robert Frost. ;) It means a lot, I just can't explain. it just means a lot... Hope you like it. The last two lines are in the header now...

Sunday, June 6, 2010


Lots of you already know about this.... BUT OLIVE TREE IS BACK! HorseFeathers is back, but she had to start over... but go check it out! There's so much great news, and I nearly exploded cause she inspired me to take an interest in photography.... ;) Just click almost anywhere is this post to go to HorseFeathers... :D

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A New Love♥

Welll... I only do one sort of activity every week. Horse back riding. But I ♥ it. Butttt, I found something else I ♥!

Yes, the guitar. ♥ In school, this person comes and gives a few grades lessons. She's came for a few weeks now, and I really like it! it's fun! So I'm going to star on Tuesday June 8th, with Miranda and someone else from my class, who I'm friends with. It's going to be fun! I have to buy my own guitar, and go once a week for 45 minutes. I've never played an instrument, so it will be a new experience, and I can't wait! :D