Monday, November 9, 2009

Blogs that I Own

I have a lot of blogs. My dashboard says 18!!!! But really...I only have 8. Not even. I have deleted 10 blogs, and I share 2 blogs with more then one person. I don't include those as MINE. I know Moonlight Creations has me and Miranda, but that has only one other person. That's makes 6 blogs that are truly mine. Then I have 1 blog that people can't go to because it is closed off. So that make's 5 blogs that are truly mine and people can go too! I ONLY have 6 blogs that are fully mine! WOOO!

Here are the blogs that are truly mine and people can go to-

Breaking Speed

Dreamstar's Beginning
Wake Designs
LakeClan's MoonCave
LakeClan's MoonCrest
Blind Sight Photography
Custom Pick-up for WD
Death Listener and Death Watcher 
StarClan- Place of the Stars
LakeClan Commenting Place

Here are the blogs I share with one person.

Moonlight Creations
The Misfits of the Lunar Ruins

Here are the blogs that I share with more then one other person-

Warrior Fans: United as One
Untold Stories
The Eevee Colonies

Here are the blogs that no one can go to-

3 Column Test Blog
2 Column Test Blog
Test Template Designer
Breathing With a Thoroughbred
Tribe of Swaying Meadows
Free Spirit's Competition Barn

Here are the blogs that I have deleted-

But there are some blogs there that I very well might bring back-

Hope that might have helped you!


zara said...

Hi, how is your fish doing? Did you go out with Daisy?

Dreamstar said...

I have not gone out with Daisy Zara. And Ember is doing fine!!! He seats normally...and I almost have everything for the tank! =D

Bekah said...

Awesome. ^^


PS "Boundaries" is a pretty cool song...just realized that.

Dreamstar said...

I know. I LOVE No Boundaries!!!! It was the winning Song in American Idol! Of course though Adam lambert didn't win!!! But he isn't stuck with that contract like Kris is!!! HAHA!!!! I also like "Time for Miracles". It's by the same guy, but it is the sound track for 2012. The stupid movie about the world ending.

Amri said...

Wow! I was wondering why I wasn't getting any updates from Breathing with a Thouroughbred! I don't mind not being able to read it though. I'll have to look at all your public blogs.

Dreamstar said...

Well it seems that no one really went on i just decided to close it off and make it my own little "diary".

I guess this little list did help!!! LOL!