Tuesday, August 30, 2011

High School?

I am going into highschool, and today all the grade 9's went to get their timetables and went for a barbeque!(which was pretty bad except for the coke >_> ) I got my schedule, and it's looking good. First semester I have

French first(funn >_>), but I have it with my best friend Ashley :D
Then I have English,
then a computer course(Which most people call BTT xD),
Then Lunch 4th period, (with Ashley again! :D )
then gym!!! Omg, gym at the end of the day, PERFECT.

My school starts at 8:15 AM, and ends at 2:50 PM. Each class is 75 minutes long, with 3 minute intervals. And there are 5 periods So do the math. :P I was very nervous about my locker partner, as I didn't know if I would like the person or not! it turned out to be someone I already know, who is my friend :I RIP-OFF xD But good. I just don't get to make a new friend :c My second semester I have

Science first. Oh joy.
Then Religion. Gonna be easy,
Next is Geography <3333333333
Lunch at the same time as ashley~
Math. I will not like math. But no math for like, 5 months!!! Omg the joy <3

It's looking good. I don't really think I have anything to change for my timetable. The school is confusing, and I still don't know how to get to each of my classes xD I guess I'll figure it out!

School starts September 6th. So little summer left :c

EDIT: Also Ashley and I are hoping to join the cooking club!! I also want to join the photography club. My brother thinks they have one their ^^