Wednesday, September 30, 2009


hey. I am sort of sick. Today I had a headache, I was dizzy, I am freezing cold, and I am SUPER tired. My dad said those are some symptoms of a fever. We got a new themometer,because our old one broke, and it said it will put a fever alarm if your temperature is higher then 37.5. My temperature was in he high 37.'s and the low 38.'s. But it might get higher. I am super tired right now and I have a little headache. But eve that small pounding is bothering me. It is getting worse. I got out early from school (11:45 because lunch starts) to get ready for the PINK concert. I hope I am feeling okay to go. I really hope so.

I missed a small math review today! Yay! But then I forgot my Math Workbook to study. Darn. Oh well. My head is starting to pound, and my eyes are trying to close.

I hope I get to go to that PINK concert! Bye!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Three Template...New Blog...Thanks Bekah...PINK

Thanks Bekah-

Thank-you Bekah SO much! I love the three template! And the background! LOL!Thank you so much! I am following your blog!

Three Template-

I FINALLY got a three tamplate! yay me! And thanks Bekah!

New Blog-

I have a new blog! It is about shape-shifters! You join as a shape-shifter! I am the leader,Matt, here at this coven. My short form for shape-shifters is S-S.
Join today! Thanks!


Tomorrow night,Wednesday, I am going to a LIVE concert to see PINK! I am not a HUGE fan, but she does all this cool trapezze stuff in the air! I like some of her songs. But it will be SO cool! Can't wait!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Thanks Elr√°nia for the tag and award!

Here are the Rules:
1) Say thanks and give a link to the presenter of the award.
2) Share "ten honest things" about myself.
3) Present this award to 7 others whose blogs I find brilliant in content and/or design, or those who have encouraged me.
4) Tell those 7 people that they've been awarded HONEST SCRAP and inform them of these guidelines in receiving.

1.I LOVE Aladdin with all of my heart!

2. I love horses!
3. I love to write short stories!
4. I love to read and that's why I love writing!

5.  I have been riding for 2 years now!
6.  My friend and I are writing a book right now!
7. My best friend is the horse I ride, Aladdin!

8. I have a birthmark around my left eye.
9. Everyone always asks what happened to my eye, when it is really a birthmark!
10.  I really want a horse when I am older!

I award:
1) Delaney
2) M
3) Sunshiney Day 
4) Beebuzz
5) Floppyj;10
6) Flaming Wolf
7) Silverstar


Okay. So I might have told you about this guy,Cameron, who is in Grade 8. He sort of stalks Sophia, Miranda and me. But today he came up to us and said-

"Wat's up with the hoods guys!(or something like that)"

We stopped talking and tried not to laugh. Then he said to Miranda quietly-

"I love you"

He walked away and I burst out laughing! He directs EVERY question to Miranda! Like...

"Wat's up? How was your summer?"

Then he always says-

"I love the name Miranda. Miranda you are the best girl ever. You are so cool"

He always says stuff like that! It's SO funny! He likes Miranda! He said that he loves her!

But oh well. I just had to say this. But he has some problems....I think. That's what this one kid in my class said. But I'm not sure. he is a little weird...a stalker...sort of! I still laugh at thinking of how he said that he loves Miranda! LOL!


Tuesday, September 22, 2009


I am NOW able to make headers and avatars! But's that's all! So anyone who would loike something, I will, try, to make it! This page will be the waiting list! I will make a list for headers and avatars! Okay!



Monday, September 21, 2009

More cool photos!

I did these the same day I did the other ones but I decided to wait before I put them on! I have some "before" photo's, but I might forget...







Here are the after photos!







Okay. The "after" picture's have the number of whish "before" picture they match up to. Enjoy! My fave is #4!  Then #2!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Cool Photos!

I made it look like this in Photoshop. This is all I can do right now because I am still figuring it out!

Original Picture

First Change

Second Change

Third Change

Fourth Change

Fifth Change

I personally like the second one I did. I think it looks really nice!

Saturday, September 19, 2009


Here are some awards I made! I hope I get some back!

 I award the Green Earth Award to-

The Cornet Crazie
Olive Tree

I award the Peaceful Award goes to-

The Cornet Crazie

I award the Unique Award to-

Olive Tree

I award the Blogging Award to-

Everybody who loves their Blog

Hope everyone likes the awards! please award some back to me!!!!


Thursday, September 17, 2009

HorseFeathers Blog Contest!

Go to HorseFeathers for a contest she is having to celebrate having over 50 followers! If you enter she will put your blog name in a hat. If you have her blog button on your blog, she will put your name is twice. If you also post about the contest she will put your name in three times! So go and enter! Go to HORSEFEATHERS!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


I have made a tribe! I would like it if you would all join! My tribe's name is Tribe of Swaying Meadows. My name is Raventeller. Short of Teller of the Mocking Raven.

It is like the Tribe of Rushing Water. Since we don't know much, I will have to make up ceremonies and what-not. I am used to making ceremonies because of Maplepack.

Please join!!!

Monday, September 14, 2009

PLease Go To...

Please go to my new blog! It is about me and Aladdin. The horse I take lessons on. Even though I wish he was REALLy mine!

The blog is called- Breathing With A Thoroughbred

Please go to it! Tell other people about it too!

Sunday, September 13, 2009


Do you like this new header, or the last one? Also should I give WolfShadows a makeover???

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


I have survived the jail! ! Me and Miranda are in the same class! But not with Sophia. I have no homework on my first day! We did like NOTHING! It was awesome! Even though I wanted a different teacher,this one is pretty cool. I guess. But he smokes. But it doesn't smell like it. But you can see that he does. His fingernails are a little yellow,same with his teeth. GROSS!  But I had a good day! I will say more stuff later!!!

Monday, September 7, 2009


Tomorrow I am going to school. Or as I like to now call it;a jail for kids. I will be going to school 7 hours a day,5 days a week,4 weeks a month,and 10 months a year. With only 2 months of Summer vacation. Tomorrow my freedom is gone. I will have to wake up early,and stand in line as we try to listen for our name to find out which class we will be in. I will be hoping that I am with my friends.

Then we will be confined to classrooms and small desks. Where we have to strain our hands and be quiet. We will be forced to learn and raise our hands if we want to speak! We ahve to raise our hands if we want to speak! Worst thing I have ever heard.

Then we will have to go home and only have a few hours to ourselves,then get up the next day and do the same thing,over and over again.

7 hours a day,5 days a week,4 weeks a month,10 months a year.
I will try to post tomorrow about my first day of school.

7 hours a day,5 days a week,4 weeks a month,10 months a year.


School is starting for me one TUESDAY! I am SO disgusted right now! I don't want to go back to school! I like staying up late and then waking uo late! Awesome when you do that! Excpet half of your day is wasted....

I shall post tomorrow a little bit more about school and how much I will be able to go on. I am going into GRADE 7! I can't believe it. *shakes head*


And go to my new blog "Breathing With a Thoroughbred"! It's sort of the same as WolfShadows....but oh well!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Story-The Shadow of the Wolf

Okay.I said I was going to post the winning story,so here it is!
The wind howled and groaned on the top of the mountain. The trees shook and the full moon shown in the sky. You could almost not hear the whimpering of a small animal in the thorny bushes.
A small grey and white head emerged out of the snow…a wolf pup. Its eyes were the color of ice blue and its fur looked as soft as a bunny’s. It had a strange silver marked on its left shoulder. It looked shyly up and saw the moon. Then the wolf pup howled.
From every cave wolves got out of their nests and listened to the sound. Their fur spiked with worry. An old she-wolf replied to her son, “That is the cry of an abandoned wolf.”
The young wolf looked questionably at his mother, “But mom, why don’t we go out there and find the wolf? I mean…it’s out there in that storm…shouldn’t we bring it here for safely?”
The mother wolf shook her head and replied, “The Wolf Law was changed dear son…in my days each wolf would help each other. But now it is not so now, for every wolf wants power over another. Many wolves want your father’s place as the lead wolf. You must be careful Koda, for when you take your father’s place…it will not be easy.”
Koda nodded but then asked another question, “What happened to my real mom, Zada?”
Zada did not answer the question but replied, “Enough questions for tonight, now off to sleep with you.”
Koda laid his head in the feathery den. He pondered about the young wolf for quite a while. Then he made a big choice…
I will go after the wolf.
As quite as a rabbit, Koda padded out of the den and started up mountain.
It was a steep climb, wind blew in his face which blinded him and heavy snow clung to his pelt. Finally, he reached the top. He saw a small lump of grey and white fur. He went over to it and saw a young she-wolf cub. Its eyes were closed but soon opened. She stared at the pure black wolf with amazement . But then before she could whimper anything she drifted back in to sleep.
Koda sighed and then grabbed her by the scruff. As he picked her up he noticed her shadow. The shadow was a huge wolf that was…howling. Then he looked at her…she hung limply from his mouth and her mouth was not open.
Koda shook his head and then turned down the mountain back to his cave.
Koda, lumped with snow, returned to the cave with a pup in his jaws. He had no idea how to explain to Zara what happened but he would try his best.
“Zara?” Koda called quietly.
Zara lifted her head, “What is it Koda…what is THAT!”
Zara was now completely on her paws. Her eyes looked blankly at the she-wolf pup.
Koda sighed and then barked, “This is the abandoned wolf Zara…”
Zara didn’t say anything but Koda could tell she was annoyed. Then at a closer inspection of the she-wolf pup she exclaimed, “ It can’t be! She has the mark…”
“What mark?” Koda asked but then he stopped. His eyes gleamed with horror and confusion. He looked at his shoulder…he had the same mark. Then he realized…
My father has the same mark…We are sister and brother.
Moons passed and the young she-pup grew and grew. Her name became Zelda meaning “shadow”.
Zelda grew into an excellent fighter. She was the cleverest of the pack and she always made the right decisions.
Her father, Sanoie, was paying very close attention to her. She did not know that he was her father yet. And the time came for the new leader. His bones were weak and his eyesight was failing him. He could not choose who would become the new leader. Koda or Zelda? It was impossible to pick. Then when his pack asked him who was the new leader he replied in a old and feeble voice, “I will let the Shadow tell.”
So when the full moon rose all of the wolves lined up. Each of their shadows was the shadow of a regular wolf’s but then it came down to Koda and Zelda. Koda stepped out. His shadow was bigger than most and many wolves believed it was him. But then Zelda stepped forward.
Her shadow was the biggest of all the wolves and her neck was arched back in a yowl. She was the leader.
Zelda looked at Koda her eyes filled with pain… “I thought it would be you…” she could not say anymore. She couldn’t even utter a word.
Koda looked at her, “I am not hurt by this. I knew it from the first time I saw your shadow.”
Zelda barked questionably, “What?”
Koda came closer to her and drew his tongue over her ear, “You are my sister.”
Zelda stared in surprise. “Then my father is…” Zelda nevered finished. At that moment she saw her father lieing on rocky ground of the cliff. Many wolves were huddled around him.
Zelda rushed over to him, “Father…”
Sanoie growled happily and said, “My dear Zelda…leader of the Wolf Pack…I am going away. Take care of the pack and remember these two things…The true Wolf Law and that I will always love you.”
The wolves took the dead Sanoie to the icy river. And placed him in. Zelda struck with grief watched as her father floated down the river and got plunged down the waterfall.
Then she turned to HER pack. And barked, “You heard what he said, ‘Follow the Law.’”
Then all of the wolves raised their heads up to the moon and howled. They howled the cry of an abandoned wolf.
And now all wolves pass down the story of the Shadow of the Wolf.

Friday, September 4, 2009


Here is the Award for Olive Tree
for winning the Horse heads Quiz!


Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Horse Heads Quiz Results!!!

Okay.there are now 5 entries!I will say the answers!

5.Quarter Horse
6.Icelandic Pony
7. Thoroughbred



You got 1 answer right!


You got 3 answers right!

Olive Tree-

You got 5 answers right!


You got 3 answers right!


You got 3 answers right!

Okay.The winner of the Horse Heads Quiz is......


Congratulations!You know your breeds by just looking at the heads!!!You are a true horse person!You will get a speical award!!!Just check back another time to see if your award is here!

YOU ALL DID GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
THAT WAS A HARD QUIZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Also!If you go down to the end of the posts,there is a slide show and a play list there!ENJOY!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Tag from The Cornet Crazie!

The "Three's Tag"!

I have to put three characters that I like!

#1.   Jayfeather from the Warriors by Erin Hunter

I think this picture is SO cool!

 I also like this picture!
 Interesting Facts???
1.Jayfeather is one of the "Three".
2.Jayfeather is able to sense other cats emotions.
3.Jayfeather is blind and is a medicine cat.
#2.   White Fang from the book White Fang by Jack London

Interesting Facts???

1.White Fang is the son of a half-wolf,half-dog,Kiche.
2.White Fang is the only surviving pup out of the litter.
3.White Fang becomes attached and the "pet" of a nice guy named Weedon Scott.

#3    Squirrel from A Dog's Life by Ann M. Martin.

Interesting Facts???

1.Squirrel and her brother,Bone,are the only surviving pups.
2.Squirrel and Bone get dumped by a mall after two people took care of them.
3.Squirrel lives the rest of her life with a elderly women,Susan,who names Squirrel,Addie.

I Tag:

Anyone who loves Chocolate Covered- Strawberries!