Tuesday, July 7, 2009

About ME!!!

I can tell you a lot of stuff about me. But some stuff I choose not to. Like my real name, here you all know me as Casey, or Dreamstar. I am a brunette with beautiful blue eyes, and a birth mark around my left eye. This birthmark makes those eyelashes longer. I get a lot of compliments about my eyelashes. LOL! I am a horse crazy person who loves one and only one horse:
I am also a crazed writer who wants at least ONE book published! The first book I ever made. I started in Gr.3, and finished in the middle of Gr.5. Two and a half years to finish six chapters, and six pages. I don't care. I love it. I will be editing soon also, making it more my updated writing style. I called it "The City to the Forest". I also am a new photographer who wants to take awesome photos! My life is great. I have great friends. Well, some are great. I have a great family. Well most of it. I think my life is pretty good. I love to do what I do. I am simply, positively, perfectly, me.

My Writing.... is about mostly animal fantasy. I don't force myself to write, but wait until an idea comes to mind, even if it takes years. I have written many short stories for school, all of them pretty good. I have only finished writing one actual book that wasn't for school. I am in the process of working on two others. One with my friend, Miranda, and another where I can't seem to think of any other ideas for chapter two. The books I am writing out of school are- "The City to the Forest*finished*--"Fisher, A Dog of All Dogs*thinking of ideas*--"Faded Eyes*working on with Miranda and hoping to get published*-- I had ideas for another one...but I just never seemed to continue it... Oh well. I lost interest.

Time.... in spare time I mostly read, blog, write or do something with Miranda! LOL!
   When I blog I try to focus on my many blogs. I am trying to cut down, but it is a little hard.... I have main blogs, but some others I need them for other stuff. So it is hard to delete them.
   I love reading and read many books over again. I can read a 500 word book in a day and a half. I read almost non-stop when I get a new book, to the point where my parents complain! Reading is a great way to learn new words and learn how to write! You see a whole bunch of writing styles, and use those to help your own!
   Writing is something I love and enjoy! But it is hard for me to write a short story for school that is due the next day! I need time to think and write! I can't just slap stuff onto the paper, or it won't be as good. It can take me a while to make stories, but I try to finish, no matter how long it takes.
   Miranda always wants to do something with me! Whether it's going to the movies, or me going to her place, or her coming to me place! It's really nuts. But we are great friends, so I don't mind much. Until it gets to the point where it is just plain annoying!

Riding.... is my life. I love riding with all my heart! No matter how hard Aladdin is on me, I try to prove that I can ride and control him! I don't work for lessons, no. But I ride with heart and spirit. People say that riding takes no work. That it isn't a sport. I say back to them "Get on Aladdin and we'll see who can do no work". I don't know why people say that it takes nothing to ride a horse. You have to use your legs, a lot, your arms, your waist. Almost everything. Some people think the horse does it all. But truthfully, you get the horse to work, the horse only listens and helps you out. The horse will only go if you show the horse that you are boss. You have to work to earn that respect. Not sit there and get bucked off. Riding takes work! Remember that the next time someone says it doesn't!

Aladdin.... is my heart. Without him, I don't know who I'd be. I've been riding Aladdin for more then two years, and I love him as my own. I have to prove myself to be able to ride him, because sometimes my instructor thinks he's too hard for me. But I need him! I need him in my life! I love him! I may only be there once a week, but each time I love it. I want more! I need more! Yes, like every other horse crazed girl out there, I want a horse. But most girls want a pretty white (most likely Arabian) horse. I want a beautiful bay thoroughbred. Aladdin. Yes, I do want a horse of my own. If I ever got that, like today, I would be super happy! But also, upset. Yes upset, because then how could I ride Aladdin?! How could he be "mine"? I would be paying attention to my own horse to see him. I wouldn't like that. I want a horse when I'm older, or whenever Aladdin is retired(he is around twenty years of age!). I never want to leave Aladdin. I will be devastated when he dies. I will be crushed. But hopefully, then I could get my own horse. Aladdin is awesome and I hope I will be able to ride him for a long time!

My Pets.... are all beautiful and weird! I have two cats, one dog, seven pond fish, and one Betta or Siamese Fighting Fish.  
   My cat is Sophie. A pretty mixed breed who is shy, but very lovable. She is very sweet once she knows you! Every night she comes to my room, and sleeps by me head. I love her. I got her for Christmas.
  My mom's cat is Asia. A pretty Snowshoe Siamese Cat who is super lovable. She will come right up to you and rub and purr! My mom also got her for Christmas. She is a very nice cat and warms up to everyone.
  The family dog is Daisy. A small, ferocious shih-poo who thinks she's bigger then her size. She will growl at dogs bigger then her, and sometimes chase dogs she knows are puppies, four time her size! Otherwise she is very affectionate and sweet, but growled even at me and my brother!
   My fish is a red Betta fish who I got in the beginning of November of 2009. I called him Ember. He is a little cautious but knows when he is about to be fed! He is quite smart, but scared easily!
   My other fish is a black female Betta fish named Emerald Bay(Emerald)! Though, in the sunlight her scales turn green! I got her  in the beginning of January of 2010. Emerald is a brave little girl!
   My rabbit is named Riley! His is a Mini Rex rabbit, and VERY spoiled! His cage is SUPER large, and he gets to run around lots! He is very demanding though, and if he doesn't get what he wants, he'll nip slightly. xP lol
   Our pond fish stay outside. I named them all. All different names. White Leopard...Speckles...White Sun...Orange...Rain Drop...Ocean...Starlight....

My Family....consists of people mostly in Holland and Czech Republic!! here in Canada, my only family is my dad, my mom, my brother, my grandma, my other grandma, my grandpa, my two uncles and I. That's nine people! My uncles still aren't marries.*tisk, tisk* So I don't have any cousins or aunts. But I have plenty of second and third cousins over in Holland and Czech Republic! Mostly in Holland. My mom's side comes from Holland. My dad's side comes from Czech Republic. I have one very annoying and horribly mean older brother. He criticizes me all the time! *rolls eyes* He is super annoying and hateful. lol!

Photoshop.... is something I am still learning as I have just got a new version. I am quite good, and do great works with Photosop 8.0! I did make the background and header for this here blog, and LakeClan.

Breaking Speed

Wings of a Horse was created in July of 2009. This blog started off as WolfShadows. But that soon didn't reflect me. I then changed it to Just Fall. That still didn't reflect me, and I was trying to find a title to reflect me and my passions and personalities. I then changed it to Wings of a Horse. I loved that name totally, and though I would have it forever! But in December of 2010 I started to think differently. I thought it was long an a mouthful. It didn't seem to reflect ME anymore. Currently I have it as Breaking Speed. I really do think this fits me, and I think I will have this name for a while! Breaking Speed fits me so well. When I'm on Aladdin, cantering him, I feel like I'm flying. Like I can do anything. It's so awesome.


allaroundhorses said...

I agree, riding is a sport!!! I love your description!

allaroundhorses said...

So, did you design your blog header and background?

Dreamstar said...

Yes! I designed the WHOLE blog and came up with the name! I loved how the header turned out GREAT! I love the wings on the horse, and everything about this!