Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween Makeover!

As you all know, I was going to give Just Fall a Halloween makeover for Devil's Night and Halloween! That is EXACTLY what I did! I made this header a while ago, BEFORE I knew how to make backgrounds! I made it about 2 weeks ago when i told you I would do this! Now since I can make backgrounds, I forgot to make a background to match! It is too late now because it takes a while to make one, but oh well. This background is fine! And remember! It is only going to be here UNTIL Sunday! On Sunday i will removing it as soon as I can! Witch(Hehe see what I did there?)will be after horse back-riding! I will be doing makeovers all through out the year! I am going to be changing the header and all, but for holidays I will make a special background! I am thinking of changing Just Fall's name...AGAIN! I don't really like it that much...and that was sort of to go with FALL! So be expecting a new name everyone! Sorry! But I really don't like it that much!

In other news! Tonight I am going to a Halloween Party! YAY! It starts at 6 and ends at 9! I can't wait! I also can't wait until tomorrow! Not only is it Halloween...but Miranda is coming back from VACAY! I miss her SOOOO much! Because we are SUPER, SUPER good friends!

Well! See you tomorrow!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


I got a whole bunch of pictures that I took a while ago! They are mostly of ym act Sophie and Aladdin. But some are of the moon! *UPDATE*

Nevermind. Right now I shall only put the pics of Sophie because there are SO many!































I took these while Sophie was in our sink! I put her in there...but she didn't mind! She didn't mind me witht he camera...well she did! I have a picture of the inside of her mouth! She started biting the camera because my camera was super close into her face! Some pictures are really good! i really like the finished look of these! Hope you enjoy them!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Teen Girl's Daybook-Week 4

Starting time...3:38PM Eastern Time
Mood...out of breath
Outside my window...Kids are yelling
I'm thinking...of what to type on this
I'm reading...Fell
I'm listening to...people walk around my house
I'm wearing...A top for horse-riding and pajama bottoms
Yesterday, I...stayed home
I'm excited for...Halloween
I'm sad because...M is on Vacay and won't be at school
I'm hungry for...soup i a cup!
The song stuck inside my head is...Cross my Heart
I be with Aladdin
I love...fall
I loathe...winter
This week, my goal take really good care of M's fish!
Did I meet last week's goal?...yes
Ending time...3:42PM Eastern Time

Friday, October 23, 2009

100 things about MOI !

100 things about me:



3.Loves the movie Spirit

4.I am 12

5. I am Gr. 7

6. I have two REALLY, REALLY good freinds!

7. Fave number is 7. Oh looky here! This is number 7!

8. Has three pets

9. Daisy-dog-shi-poo

10. Cat-Sophie-???

11. Cat-Asia-snowshoe siamese cat

12. Fave blog is (out of mine!) LakeClan

13. Fave warrior blog-StormClan(other then mine)LakeClan

14. LOVES to read!

15. LOVES to write stories!

16. I want to be a writer when I grow up!

17. My substitute job is a teacher...

18. I live in Canada

19. Canada rocks!

20. So peaceful here...


22. have it EVERY night...

23. I like being a leader!

24. I hate animal cruelty!

25. Did I mention how much I love ALADDIN

26. I also like to swim!

27. I am very talkative!

28. But shy when I first meet someone!

29. or see someone for the first time in a long time!

30. But once I get to know you...I get very talkative!

31. I love the song Fireflies!

32. In my life i have only broken on thing on my body!

33. My collar bone

34. broke it from falling form a table. Very little then though.

35. I've sprained two things before.

36.My ankle

37. Falling off a bike...

38. Sprained my finger too.

39. From a basketball

40. PineClan's also cool

41. Same as WispClan

42. And SunClan

43. And BriarClan

44. I want a horse when  I am older!

45. My dream horse is Aladdin

46. I LOVE him a lot!!!!!

47. Did I mention that? <3 I LOVE him!

48. I had an awesome hamster before!

49. I named him....


51. because he ate a carrot super fast...

52. He died peacefully of old age!

53. I have like...

54. a lot of blogs...

55. I am in a lot of clans

56.  I like choco-covered strawberries

57. I'm a lunch monitor in my school

58. My friend M is leaving for a week!

59. I'm taking care of her fish

60. Leslie is it's name!

61. I also like camping!

62. and fishing!

63. but I absolutely HATE FISH!

64. blech!

65. I have a birthmark around my eye

66. I have written a story that I started to Gr.3

67. I finished it in the middle of Gr.5

67. It is only 6 pages long!

68. I want to get it published!

69. I LOVE it!

70. It's called...

71. The City to the Forest

72. Awesome right?

73. I know. it is AWESOME

74. Thank-you very much!

75. I don't like mornings

76. But I LOVE the night!

77. Sort of...

78. I like the pokemon games!

79. yes. I am weird. But who isn't?

80. Everyone is weird!

81. I lie horse quotes.

82. They're pretty!

83. "Now I can live forever...I have a HORSE"

84. I use that as my profile pic word thing!

85. I have an animal cruelty blog!

86. Named it ONE

87. One Notices Existence

88. O-One N-Notices E-Existence

89. I have an awful brother

90. He's SO mean to me!

91.  Criticizes me 24/7!

92. He's SO mean!

93. But oh well.

94. When we're older I guess we won't talk to eachother!

95. because of him....=D

96. Did I tell you I also like the number 4? Well this is 94

97. I also like blogging!

98. y teacher is funny!

99. Same as my other one! =D

100. Did I mention how MUCH I LOVE ALADDIN?!

what time is it? 10:36 pm-Eastern Time
how many blogs do u have? A lot...
What is your best blog? LakeClan
Do you like band? ...what?
What instruments do you play? ...instruments?
Do you like music? Ya. If you mean like songs on the radio and stuff...then ya.....
Was this fun? ...

I Tag-

Whoever thinks this was weird!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

No Better

My index finger is just the same! So most likely I sprained or fractured it! LOL!

Today was good. We didn't do much. Not much homework either! Yay! There is still the caption contest going on! Here are some rules for it!

1. No rude or cussing things in there.
2. If you follow Just Fall, you can enter twice!
3. If you post about the caption contest on your blog, you can enter three times!
4. If you put Just Fall's blog button on your blog, you can enter four times!

Okay! Now go to the link below to do the caption contest!


Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Well. My finger is no better. It still hurts, so this morning I made my own splint! I got some tape, then a bobby pin(that's all that I could find!), next I put the bobby pin on my finger, then wrapped the tape around it! I'm not able to bend it with this "splint" on! That was what I wanted!

I either slightly sprained or slightly fractured my index finger on my left hand. Right now I am typing with my middle finger on my left hand because I can not bend my other finger! LOL! If I take the tape off, it hurts to bend that finger. So I defiantly did something to it!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Hep B

I got the Hep B shot today! It wasn't that bad...I didn't get it with the class because I have a bad memory of needles! LOL! arm is a little sore right now! But that will soon be better!

Also my finger hurts a lot. I hurt it at lunch recess today, around 12:30. It STILL hurts! I thik I might have sprained it slightly...

Also! BumbleClanHater better STOP saying mean things to people!

Monday, October 19, 2009

New Background! ( and caption contest but that isn't as important!)

I MADE myself a background! YAY! YAY! YAY! YAY! YAY! YAY! YAY! I am SO happy! I think I did GREAT! It matches my header too! What do you think? Don't you just LOVE it! Well...for my first time I think i did GREAT! I still can't make really hard backgrounds...but it's a start! YAY! YAY! YAY! YAY! YAY! YAY!


What is the squirrel thinking? The best one shall have that saying put in the bubble! They may also have the picture and the picture shall be put up on Just Fall's side bar!

(Also hope you love the background! Because I jusr ADORE(LOVE!!!!) it!)

Sunday, October 18, 2009

New Avatar and Week Three

I have a new avatar! I LOVE it!

"Now I can Live Forever...I have a Horse"

No I DON'T have a horse! But I LOVE Aladdin ebough that he could be MY horse! I wish ne was....he is SO awesome!

The picture is a thoroughbred of course! What else would it be! LOL!

Date...October 18
Starting time...4:24PM Eastern Time
Mood...Happy and tired
Outside my window...the leave are scattered across the lawn!
I'm thinking...of my new avatar!
I'm reading...nothing(again)
I'm listening to...Apologize on my playlist
I'm wearing...pajamas
Yesterday, I...went for a walk with my dad, grandma and Daisy
I'm excited for...halloween
I'm sad because...Miranda isn't going to be here for a week!
I'm hungry for...a choco chip bagel
The song stuck inside my head is...sober by PINK
I own a horse
I love...Aladdin!
I loathe...coldness
This week, my goal make my costume
Did I meet last week's goal?...I think I was nice to 7 people...probably was
Ending time...4:28PM Eastern Time

Saturday, October 17, 2009


There is a reason why this post is called "Good-Bye"! It is for the tag! You will find out why soon!

IF SOMEONE SAYS "THIS IS OKAY" YOU SAY: If I Can't Have You (That's just great! That sounds weird!)
WHAT WOULD BEST DESCRIBE YOUR PERSONALITY? Play That Funky Music (ohhhh. Great. I am NOT funky! How horrible!*walks off to cry*)
WHAT DO YOU LIKE IN A GUY/GIRL? No Boundaries(Okay...I guess I don't really care...even though I do! I don't want to like a gross guy! Whaa!)
WHAT IS YOUR LIFE'S PURPOSE? 100 Years  (*nods*Okay I guess. I wan to live to 100 which is okay with me! =D)
WHAT IS YOUR MOTTO? Our Song  (Why would that be my motto! I don't like it! Thios is so bad!)
WHAT DO YOUR FRIENDS THINK OF YOU? All To Myself (Great! They think I keep secrets and only care about myself! That is not true!)
WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT VERY OFTEN? I Walk Alone (okay...I guess I do..not really though...)
WHAT IS 2+2? Sober (
WHAT DO YOU THINK OF YOUR BEST FRIEND? So What (NO! I don't don't care about my best friend! I care about her very much! Ahh! I am sort of mad right now!)
WHAT DO YOU THINK OF A PERSON YOU LIKE? Apologize (okay...well ya...I guess I want him to apologize...)
WHAT IS YOUR LIFE STORY? Black and White (okay...plain...)
WHAT DO YOU WANT TO BE WHEN YOU GROW UP? Funhouse (Oh great. Just wonderful. I'm going to be a clown when I grow up!)
WHAT DO YOU THINK WHEN YOU SEE A PERSON YOU LIKE? Simple Song (Okay...I think they are simple!)
WHAT DO YOUR PARENTS THINK OF YOU? Don't Stop Believing (Okay! Great! They don't want me to stop believing in my dreams! YAY!)
WHAT WILL YOU DANCE TO AT YOUR WEDDING? Cross My Heart (Lovely! Very promising song!)
WHAT WILL THEY PLAY AT YOUR FUNERAL? I'm Yours (Okay...I guess that means I am...I'm not sure...)
WHAT IS YOUR HOBBY/INTERESTS? No Boundaries (uh-huh. I am great! Magnificent! I can do anything I want! Yay!)
WHAT IS YOUR BIGGEST SECRET? 7 Things (Okay...I have 7 secrets that you will never know! Mwhawhawhawha!)
WHAT DO YOU THINK OF YOUR FRIENDS? Funhouse (LOL! We do have fun anf sometimes it is like a funhouse!)
HOW WILL YOU DIE? Fireflies (Fireflies will surround me! yay! Pretty cool!)
WHAT'S THE ONE THING YOU REGRET?  Play That Funky Music (What? I regret funkiness...)
WHAT MAKES YOU LAUGH? Sober (Ummmm...)
WHAT MAKES YOU CRY? Cross My Heart (I really don't know what that means!)
WILL YOU EVER GET MARRIED? Fireflies (I guess I am nervous...)
WHAT SCARES YOU THE MOST? All To Myself (I guess I am scared to be by myself..)
WHAT HURTS RIGHT NOW? Good-Bye (I guess saying good-bye to....I'm not sure....)
WHAT DO YOU MOST OFTEN EXCLAIM? If I Can't Have You (Okay...I guess not having my family and friends?)
WHERE IS PARADISE? Viva La Vida (It's my place! No one can no! Mwhawhawhawha!)
WHAT DID YOU FIRST SAY AS A BABY? Apologize (Apologize for having my brother! LOL! But a little weird...)
IF YOU HAD A PET, WHAT WOULD YOU NAME IT? Bottom of the Ocean (Sit "Bottom of the Ocean"! WAY too long! That would be hard to say!)
WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE SIGHT TO SEE? So What (okay...I don't care!)
WHAT MAKES YOU GAG? Don't Stop Beliving (I LOVE beliving though! What's the point of life if you can't belive? Oh ya...horses! Wait! NO! Then I can't believe that I will get a horse someday! NOOOO!)
WHAT ARE YOU BEST AT? I Walk Alone (I don't like walking alone though! Whaaa!)
IF YOU WROTE A BOOK, WHAT WOULD YOU CALL IT? Black or White (*kills self*)
WHAT DID YOU WISH FOR LAST? 100 Years (if you mean living with Aladdin for 100 years, then that is true!)
WHAT WOULD YOUR SUPERHERO NAME BE? Black or White (What would it be? Black or white! Which one! Good or bad! *stares*)
HOW SOON WILL THIS BE OVER? 7 Things (7 things or minutes? I hope soon! I have been doing this for an hour!)
WHERE ARE YOU SITTING? Funhouse (apparently in a funhouse)
WHAT DO YOU MOST HATE? All To Myself (I do hate being by myself...)
WHAT DO YOU MOST LOVE? Play That Funky Music (Okay then.)
WHAT IS YOUR SECRET NAME? Viva La Vida (that's cool. I looked up what it means. it means- long live life. Which I think is cool!)
WHAT WILL YOU POST THIS AS? Good-Bye (*sighs* I guess people might think I am leaving Just Fall. Great. Just GREAT!)

I Tag: Anyone who feels like doing this and listening to music!

Thursday, October 15, 2009


Halloween is a night of....CANDY! This year for Halloween I shall be giving Just Fall a Halloween makeover! But it's ONLY for ONE night! So the people who won't be coming on on Halloween will miss my makeover!

No wait! I will have it on for TWO nights! Halloween and the Devil's Night! Mwhawhawhawhawha! So be on Just Fall any of those two days to see my Halloween makeover!

Now to other news! We had our science today! It wasn't that bad, except for ONE question! We also had another beep test yesterday. The first time I got up to the 6th level, and 3 laps. This time I got up to the 8th level and 2 laps! I got a WHOLE two levels better! Go me! Go me! Go me!

Okay...okay. Enough about that! LOL.


I got new shoes. They are the EXACT same style as my last ones...bu a different colour! i really like them! Something different, but NOT new! Well I guess they are new...I'm not sure....oh well!

I don't really know anything else to say...but you all may ask me if you want some headers! I would be all TOO happy to make some!



Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Blog Button

I got a Blog Button! it is a little small, but I am STILL working on perfecting it! Put it on your blog if you like Just Fall!

Nevermind. it's not working when you put it no yuor site! Whaa! I'm sad now! I try to make my blog awesome, but it doesn't work!

Monday, October 12, 2009

I made a Quiz!

I made a quiz about personalities! Take it today! Here is my result

What si Your Personality?
Your Result: Kind, Caring and Very Loyal

You are very nice and care about others. You take the time to think through what you are going to say. You try not to hurt others feelings. You are very loyal to your friends and hope they are loyal back.
Shy, Scared, Fun

Loud, Energetic, Thoughful

Stubborn, Mean, Pessimist

What si Your Personality?
Quiz Created on GoToQuiz

Header and Background

I FINALLY finished the makeover! The other background and header were temporary until I made my header and found a background to sort of match! I made the header with the help of Shabbyblogs for some peices in there! LOL! Also the background is from a Finnish site where Elegia and someone else makes backgrounds! I like the background! Hope you like the header and background too!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Teen Girl's Daybook

Date...October 11
Starting time...2:23PM Eastern Time
Outside my window...the wind is blowing
I'm thinking...of the dream I had
I'm reading...nothing
I'm listening to...myself type
I'm wearing...pajama bottoms with a sweater for horse-riding
Yesterday, I...had a sleepover with Sophia
I'm excited for...tonight for thanks-giving dinner
I'm sad is over
I'm hungry for...more small apples
The song stuck inside my head is...fireflies by OwlCity
I more small apples
I love...ride aladdin
I loathe...ending riding aladdin
This week, my goal is...Be nice to seven people
Did I meet last week's goal?...YES!
Ending time...2:25PM Eastern Time

Saturday, October 10, 2009


Okay! My friend Sophia showed me this song by OwlCity! It is called Fireflies! I love the song SO much! It is awesome! Very awesome and soothing! Everyone should listen to it!

Last night I had a sleepover with Sophia and we played this game on MiniClip, Cave Chaos. It was SO fun and funny! We played until ONE o'clock at night! It was So much fun! We got to level 15 today, but we didn't get to beat it because I had to leave! Whaa! It took us FOREVER to beat each level! LOL! We were listening to Fireflies while we were playing. It was nice background music and good luck! LOL! Well. I'm going to get off the computer now. I want to do something with one of my friends! But Miranda is busy. I'm not sure if the person who had a sleep over with Miranda is gone yet, and Sophia is out! So sad! Brittany...well I don't like her that much anymore. Too much drama with her! We are still friends...but barely... BYE!

Friday, October 9, 2009


How do you like my new makeover and name? I really like it! I think it looks good!

Go HERE *Silverstar*, M, Olive Tree, Eskan and Bekah to see/do the tag/award!

Thursday, October 8, 2009


I am giving WolfShadows a makeover! Also a new name! This is because WolfShadows does not reflect ME anymore! I want something new! Something that I like! I will be closing WolfShadows until I am finished! For the people who I gave the tag to, I shall send you it, then you can just do it like that! I am closing it now!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Little Verse

Here is a little verse that I REALLY like! I thank Gwyniver for finding it!

"There comes a point in every rider's life when he wonders if it's all worth it. Then one look at the horse, and he realizes - it is." - Kelly Stewart 

I really really like that! Don't you?

Oh! And don't forget about the tag underneath here! No one has done it yet! ='(

Monday, October 5, 2009


Okay! I am going to create a tag! Here are the rules!

1.Copy and paste these rules!
2.Say 5 things you did today.
3.Say five things you WANT to do.
4.Say five things you really want!
5.Say five truthful things about you!
6. Take the award then say underneath the award "Gum Gum is Dum Dum for I am a Dum Gum!"(LOL!)
7.Say thanks to whoever gave to you, then give a URL to any of that person's blog(s)!
8.Tag five people and give them this award!


Gum Gum is Dum Dum for I am a Dum Gum!

Five things I did today!

1. Imitate Justin Bieber's AWFUL voice!
2. Play Flag Football!
3. Do a beep test!
4. Work on a ship for religion!
5. Freak out about losing a review sheet for test!

Five things I want to do!

1. Own a horse!
2. Be a writer!
3. Keep my friends forever!
4. Ride Aladdin right now!
5. Stop animal cruelty!

Five things I really want!

1. A horse!
2. Get a book published!
3. Warriors-Omen of the Stars!
4. My toe to stop hurting!
5. To never have to do a beep test again!

Five truthful things about me!

1. I love horses!
2. I love animals!
3. I LOVE Aladdin!
4. I HATE animal cruelty!
5. I hate eating fish!

I award this to:::



Olive Tree

Saturday, October 3, 2009

PINK Concert!

Okay. Wednesday night I went to a PINK concert...


I left school at lunch time for some reason...then we left fot the concert aroud 4:30 PM. But the concert started at 8:00 PM. It takes about an hour to get to there the concert was. So after we got there we just drove around. Then we went to get out seats.

My mom, my uncle and my dad went. Me and my mom sat in row 23! That is pretty good!

The concert was so good! Except for the opening band. It was The Ting Tings! There was only two people, a singer and a drummer. The drummer was good, but it was to loud so we couldn't here the singer. They were English. I just LURRRV English,British or any different,cool accent!

So....I forgot my camera at my house when we went to the concert! DARN! But I did get pictures...but they are REALLY bad because they are on a cellphone! If I find a way to get them on the computer I will post them!

But I now love the song Funhouse by PINK! It is catchy....well...

That was how the concert was! I stayed home on Thursday because I went to sleep at 1:00AM and I had flu-like symptoms on Wednesday. Then the WHOLE day I stayed home, I had a MAJOR headache! It was there ALL day! I had a headache pill, then one minute after I had head was WORSE! It hurt even more! But then before I went to bed I had ALEVE and it worked! Yay for ALEVE! Yay! Yay! Yay!

 Week One-Every Sunday
Date...October 3
Starting time...11:10PM Eastern Time
Outside my window...A tree
I'm thinking...of what to type on this
I'm reading...Fell
I'm listening brother talk on Xbox
I'm wearing...jeans with a blue/green top
Yesterday, I...had a sleepover with M
I'm excited for...Sunday because of Aladdin
I'm sad because... The weekend is almost over
I'm hungry for...choco covered strawberries
The song stuck inside my head is...Funhouse by PINK
I ride Aladdin
I ride Aladdin,write and read
I loathe...animal cruelty
This week, my goal do really good on Aladdin
Did I meet last week's goal?...Just started this
Ending time...11:14PM Eastern Time

Well... that is all for now! Bye!