Monday, October 5, 2009


Okay! I am going to create a tag! Here are the rules!

1.Copy and paste these rules!
2.Say 5 things you did today.
3.Say five things you WANT to do.
4.Say five things you really want!
5.Say five truthful things about you!
6. Take the award then say underneath the award "Gum Gum is Dum Dum for I am a Dum Gum!"(LOL!)
7.Say thanks to whoever gave to you, then give a URL to any of that person's blog(s)!
8.Tag five people and give them this award!


Gum Gum is Dum Dum for I am a Dum Gum!

Five things I did today!

1. Imitate Justin Bieber's AWFUL voice!
2. Play Flag Football!
3. Do a beep test!
4. Work on a ship for religion!
5. Freak out about losing a review sheet for test!

Five things I want to do!

1. Own a horse!
2. Be a writer!
3. Keep my friends forever!
4. Ride Aladdin right now!
5. Stop animal cruelty!

Five things I really want!

1. A horse!
2. Get a book published!
3. Warriors-Omen of the Stars!
4. My toe to stop hurting!
5. To never have to do a beep test again!

Five truthful things about me!

1. I love horses!
2. I love animals!
3. I LOVE Aladdin!
4. I HATE animal cruelty!
5. I hate eating fish!

I award this to:::



Olive Tree